TOK Magazine is a platform for fiercely honest, freshly original writing from our cities, and from around the world.

To begin with, TOK’s creative writing will come primarily from a selection of the fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and drama created through Diaspora Dialogues’ mentoring programs and/or published in our print anthology series.

Our aesthetics are plural: we know there’s exciting work being done in many styles, on many subjects. The common theme is our commitment to foster literature as richly varied as the communities in which we live; celebrating the terrific writing already taking place, while widening established networks, assumptions or preoccupations to showcase exciting new perspectives and talent.

TOK publishes biweekly, posting new fiction, poetry, interviews, articles and/or podcasts. Much of this work is archived long-term on the site.

We commission original writing, critical opinion and commentary that surprises, delights and challenges. But we also welcome submissions of creative writing and story pitches.

TOK is dedicated to fostering diverse new literary voices, a mandate that shapes our editorial process: for many of the commissioned pieces, we pair emerging artists at work on promising manuscripts with some of Canada’s most celebrated writers and dramaturges, who serve as editorial readers. They provide comments, advice and support, helping develop these manuscripts for TOK—and occasionally contribute pieces of their own to the magazine.

TOK also produces events, and co-creates content, in partnership with organizations committed to making space for writers to tell their own stories, in their own voices.

We hope you’ll find pleasure in discovering new talents, and rediscovering established favourites, in these pages. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and invitations to our events.


The TOK Team