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Joyce Wayne is an award-winning literary journalist, a former editor at Quill & Quire and the author of the historical novel The Cook’s Temptation (Mosaic Press, 2013). Her new novel, Last Night of the World, will be published in spring 2018.

Last Night of the World weaves a story of impossible choices told by real-life Soviet agent Freda Linton. She and other intriguing characters, whose actions unleashed the Cold War, fight for their survival in the cloak and dagger atmosphere of World War II. Mainly set in Ottawa, a Soviet espionage cell attempts to steal the plans for the atomic bomb from the Americans. The characters are: Igor Gouzenko, the cipher clerk who stole top secret cables from the Soviet Embassy and defected; Fred Rose, the first and only elected member of the Canadian Communist Party to the House of Commons; John Grierson, the founding director of the National Film Board; and the master British double-agent of the Cold War, Kim Philby.

For many years, Joyce was the head of the journalism program at Sheridan College where she launched the Centre for Internationally Trained Individuals. Her short fiction When Belle Walked Along Spadina was included in Diaspora Dialogues TOK: Writing the New Toronto Book 6. She has been awarded the Fiona Mee Award for literary journalism.

Joyce lives in Oakville with her husband where she runs writing workshops for the Public Library and writes the bi-weekly blog RetirementMatters.ca.


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