A masterful and deeply moving tale of mothers and daughters, of hidden histories and repressed memories, of loss and of love, After the Bloom is a potent reminder of the legacy of the internment and the power of reclaiming the past.

—Lynne Kutsukake, author of The Translation of Love

Leslie Shimotakahara’s memoir The Reading List won the Canada-Japan Literary Prize in 2012, and her fiction has been shortlisted for the KM Hunter Artist Award. She has a PhD in English from Brown University. Although Leslie wanted to be a writer since childhood, she ended up taking a slightly nerdy detour through the academic study of literature, writing her dissertation on the relationship between American literary regionalism and modernism in the fiction of Sarah Orne Jewett, Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, William Faulkner, and Ralph Ellison. After finishing her PhD, she had a short-lived career as an English professor in small-town Nova Scotia, before it became clear that what she really wanted to do was to return home to Toronto and pursue her original passion, creative writing. Her debut novel After the Bloom, which draws upon her Japanese-American and Japanese-Canadian family history, has recently been published by Dundurn Press. More about the novel can be found here.

Over the years, Leslie has lived in a variety of places including Trinidad, Toronto, Montreal, Providence, Berlin, Antigonish, and Hong Kong. These days, Leslie and her partner Chris Wong make their home in the Brockton Village neighbourhood of Toronto. She is currently at work on her second novel, set in Hong Kong.

—Updated on January 20, 2018

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