Moez Surani is an award-winning poet, reviewer and short fiction author residing in Toronto. His writing has been included in numerous anthologies and literary journals, including Geist, The Globe and Mail, Arc Poetry Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, Echolocation, Matrix Magazine, Prairie Fire, The Literary Review of Canada, The Toronto Quarterly, Toronto Review of Books, Vallum, Zeugma and The Walrus.

His first poetry collection, Reticent Bodies (Wolsak and Wynn, 2009), was described as “that rare book that has the power to be a linchpin, a hinge in the history of Canadian poetry.” His second poetry collection, Floating Life (Wolsak and Wynn, 2012), takes the reader on a dizzying tour of the world. He has attended writing residencies in Finland, Latvia and Switzerland, and his writing has won the Chalmers Arts Fellowship, the Kingston Literary Award and the Antigonish Review’s Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest. In 2016, his book-length inventory poem ةيلمع Operación Opération Operation 行 动 Oперация was published. His 134-page poem lists 61 years of UN military code names to collectively build the case against language.