Nana aba Duncan is the host of Fresh Air on CBC Radio One, 99.1 FM, a top-rated weekend morning program in Ontario. Nana aba Duncan has been working at CBC Radio for ten years. She also produced and hosted the Radio 2 Top 20 music countdown and guest hosted Radio 2 Morning and Radio 2 Drive. Nana aba was born in Ghana, raised in Newmarket, and has lived in Toronto since getting her Masters in Journalism at the University of Western Ontario. Since then she worked as Country Director with Journalists For Human Rights in Ghana before moving on to CBC. Nana aba started out as a guest on GO! and soon ended up working on the show. After contributing to Metro Morning and guest hosting Big City Small World, she worked at CBC Music and Radio 2 as a producer and host. Nana aba supports and amplifies the perspectives of diverse women who work in Toronto’s media through her personal podcast, Media Girlfriends. She also enjoys okra stew and banku with tilapia fish, a traditional Ghanaian dish. Nana aba is okay with not being able to make it properly. Nana aba currently lives in the east end of Toronto with her husband and two children.

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