Beltane Birch Grove


Ingraham Trail to hidden marshland
rubber boots along a trail of puddles
tall grass hide and seek Celtic festival
the light half of the year


in my childhood spring haven
the birch grove blesses our meal
wild rice oranges homemade bread
smiles gather with the steadfast breeze


once the feast is crumbs
the boys and their fathers search
for a phallic birch knocked down by beavers
his indwelling spirit and rabbit-gnawed twigs


we offer rose petals corn meal
to Earth’s opening in verse
the ovarian season of seeds
dance goddess songs until they return


calling may we join your circle
place this tree in the ground
pile last year’s stones around it?
Beltane lessons in consent


ribbons blue green yellow red
we weave a crisscross melody
immortalize our maypole
for god Bel sun and lifegiver


the last time we take turns springing
over a fire intent on harnessing enough flames
to speak of this as ceremony
while old boots heap up in muddles

Méira Cook read this piece in manuscript, helping develop it for TOK.
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Amber O'Reilly
Photo Credit: Sarah Lamontagne Photography

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