Hello, Neighbour


Diaspora Dialogues is delighted to share the podcast discussions from this past February’s Hello, Neighbour community engagement project. Hello, Neighbour was made possible with the generous support of Canada Council for the Arts.


DD invited residents of Toronto to submit short content pieces animating a favourite element of the city; an intersection or a neighbourhood; a restaurant, a building, a park. Visit diasporadialogues.com to read some of these terrific submissions from the Toronto public.

Six pieces were then taken as inspiration by writers/artists Ibi Kaslik, Jules Lewis, Jason Maghanoy, Rasiqra Revulva, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, and Phoebe Wang to create new poems, stories and/or performance pieces about Toronto.

Each of these writers/artists sat down with Nana aba Duncan, host of CBC’s Fresh Air. The interviews were recorded live and converted into podcasts which are now available to listen here.

Hello Neighbour Interview #1: Ibi Kaslik and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Hello Neighbour Interview #2: Jules Lewis and Rasiqra Revulva

Hello Neighbour Interview #3: Jason Maghonay and Phoebe Wang

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