what’s in a game

the city is de-iced fuelled up
propellers blur
winnipeg morning
sun peeking corners
sidewalk vomit splashes
butts and dust

window cheerleaders rally
a uniform on repeat
buzzword conversations
buses screech hope
jerseys stand to screen salute
home greasy home loud
enough to flood
the bleachers with garbage

bitter spring
meth and neo-colonial museums
catfish gasp from graveyard
rivers to ice rinks
urban poverty sprawl
blazing apathetic whiteout

go, let’s go, go, just go
the decibels rise and blow
across hard tarmac
our faith in hockey
a ceaseless January
sting on outstretched
ungloved fingers

Méira Cook read this piece in manuscript, helping develop it for TOK.
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Amber O'Reilly
Photo Credit: Sarah Lamontagne Photography